YouTube VR Expansion Could Help Drive Social VR

04 de Octubre, 2018

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To date, YouTube VR is available on devices such as the Daydream View, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Samsung Gear VR.

The Oculus Go’s impending reception of the VR app, which boasts a library of over 800,000 immersive VR experiences, marks the latest in a growing number of devices that have access to the app. Expanding YouTube VR to more devices could help drive US social VR engagement going forward. YouTube VR added a social component, Watch Together, to its app in July, enabling VR users to view and chat about VR content in a digital living room. Expanding YouTube VR to more headsets, and, in turn, more consumers, could help boost social VR engagement, especially since VR headset owners are already interested in social VR experiences. Seventy-seven percent of VR headset owners in the US are interested in interacting socially in VR, and 40% of that group would like to watch videos in VR with friends, according to Greenlight Insights.

Fuente: Business Insider

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