Yolt Partners With Anorak For Life Insurance Advice

27 de Septiembre, 2018

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Personal finance management (PFM) app Yolt has partnered with insurtech Anorak to give users access to insurance advice.

The PFM app, owned by European banking giant ING, lets UK customers connect their bank accounts and credit cards to view all their transactions in one portal. Through the integration, Anorak will now be able to offer tailored life insurance advice to Yolt users based on financial insights offered by the PFM app. Partnering with Anorak is part of Yolt’s strategy to build out its ecosystem to cover all parts of its customers’ financial lives, and follows similar deals with Runpath, an energy comparison platform, and Moneytis, a foreign exchange provider. Similarly, for Anorak, the partnership follows another agreement with UK neobank Starling, as it looks to leverage the Open Banking directive that obliges financial services providers to share their customers’ data at their behest with third parties. Given Yolt is an account aggregator, this agreement should allow Anorak to take even greater advantage of Open Banking than its partnership with Starling, since it will provide more comprehensive insight into users’ financial lives. The partnership also echoes strategies we have been seeing from fintechs broadly, as they look to provide their users with a complete suite of financial products without forking over the development costs.

Fuente: Business Insider

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