Walmart Developing In-Store AI Lab

15 de Noviembre, 2018

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The goal of the project seems to be to use artificial intelligence (AI) to make Walmart employees more effective and the customer experience more seamless.

For example, the retailer wants to use AI to identify when stock is running low, detect spills, understand when more shopping carts need to be brought to entrances, and determine when items are on the wrong shelves. IRL is being built by a team dubbed “Kepler,” and while it hasn’t launched yet, Walmart has already begun installing hardware, software, and other equipment necessary for testing it.

If the IRL technology is successful, it will bolster the Walmart experience by protecting the retailer against common problems stores face. This type of innovation can help make customers’ experiences at Walmart more consistently positive by removing tedious issues such as out-of-stocks (a problem potentially costing retailers $1 trillion in sales), shopping cart shortages, and spills. Quicker handling of these issues may also boost the efficiency of Walmart employees, freeing them up for more customer-facing duties that can further boost customers’ impression of Walmart.

Fuente: Business Insider

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