TWITTER HELPS PODCASTS GAIN EXPOSURE: Twitter launched a feature on its platform that lets users live stream audio only, Marketing Land reports. After broadcasts conclude, other Twitter users can replay them and audio broadcasters can view metrics like the number of live and replay viewers. Creators and entertainers with podcasts can use the audio-only feature to live stream short versions of their shows and boost awareness of their podcasts. This may introduce a portion of a creators’ followers to their podcasts and, and possibly to podcasts in general. And podcast listenership has room to grow: 26% of US consumers aged 12 or older listen to podcasts every month, according to Edison Research and Triton Digital. Comparatively, terrestrial radio reaches 90% of US consumers in the same age range, per Pew Research Center. Rising podcast listenership is a growing opportunity for brands to raise awareness — data from WNYC shows consumers are more attentive to ads on podcasts than ads on music streaming services, radio, and TV.