Lloyds Integrates Google Maps to Pinpoint Spending

29 de Noviembre 2018

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The Maps functionality is one of a suite of updates to the lender’s online and mobile platforms. Other new features include a payday insight feature to provide customers with a timeline of their scheduled outgoing payments as well as regular nudges to help customers stay updated with their account activity. The bank has also introduced new account controls features to improve security, including allowing customers to switch off or block their cards. The latest upgrades to Lloyds’ mobile app compliment the bank’s £3 billion ($3.9 billion) transformation and technology investment program. These features are likely to be welcomed by the 14 million customers who actively use the bank’s online channels. However, it’s introducing features neobanks have had for a while, highlighting the gulf that remains between incumbents and new entrants on the digital front.

Fuente: Business Insider

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