Las Vegas and NTT ink smart city deal to improve safety

13 de Diciembre, 2018

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The city of Las Vegas and Japanese telecom and technology company NTT have agreed to deploy smart city solutions in the city’s innovation district, according to Smart Cities World

This new deal comes after a brief proof-of-concept demonstration in September 2018, and will result in NTT deploying high-definition video cameras, sound sensors, and other IoT monitoring devices in the city starting in spring 2019. 

These solutions will provide city employees with valuable data that they can use to improve public safety and transportation efficiency by giving them more information about what’s going on and what traffic and pedestrian patterns are like throughout the day. They can also be used by businesses in partnership with the city, so that private companies can optimize staffing levels to account for busy times. NTT plans to use AI and machine learning to evaluate the data and provide the city with actionable insights.

A recent smart cities pilot program by AT&T and a public-private partnership in Dallas, TX showed that the use of smart city sensors led to 12% revenue growth for local businesses and a 6% drop in crime. These sorts of results will drive smart city adoption, which Business Insider Intelligence expects to result in nearly $900 billion of annual investment globally by 2023.


Fuente: businessinsider.com

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