FIRST HAWAIIAN ENABLES ALEXA: First Hawaiian Bank is working with banking technology provider Fiserv to enable its customers to access their accounts via Amazon Alexa, according to a company press release. Initially, the bank will offer voice-based access to just balance and transaction information, though the bank is planning on adding capabilities if they see strong demand and rising usage. First Hawaiian tends to be ahead of the curve for a regional bank when it comes to banking tech — the firm has been working with Fiserv for several years, and offers its own Masterpass branded wallet as well as other features, for example. And as smart speakers mainstream and customers become more acclimated to voice technology, it’s likely the service will see strong uptake, with a long runway for growth: Business Insider Intelligence expects 39% of US users to adopt voice payments in 2023, up from 8% last year. For banks, voice integration provides another channel for engagement — Fiserv found that voice banking users tend to interact with the service 11 times a month on average — which is a strong way to keep users engaged and loyal, while providing an opportunity to upsell customers to new products.