HTC Takes Step Toward Releasing More Immersive VR Headset in China

8 de Noviembre, 2018

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Currently, the Vive Focus ships with a single three degrees of freedom (3DoF) controller, which only allows for side-to-side hand motions, but developers can now apply to receive kits for the headset that include 6DoF controllers.

This gives developers the opportunity to create more immersive experiences for users, as 6DoF-enabled controllers allow users to reach forward and back as well as side to side. Improving the level of immersion for controllers paired with its stand-alone headset significantly enhances the VR experience, which can play a hand in spurring uptake of the headset among consumers in China. HTC’s new development to the VR experience will likely have a role in helping the company sustain its leading share of headset shipments in China; as of Q1 2018, HTC accounted for one-third of VR device shipments, followed by Pico (29%) and DPVR (13%), according to Canalys.

Fuente: Business Insider

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