Barclays Launches a Video Chat Advice Service

1 de Noviembre, 2018

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The service is targeted at millennials and open to nonbank clients.

According to research from the bank, 23% of young consumers in the UK dread checking their balance after their direct debits have been taken out, and over a quarter panic about losing track of their spending. Barclays has recognized that millennials need help with their finances, but offering a video chat service might not be the most useful tool for consumers. In order to help consumers track their finances, it might be more helpful to provide in-app features that track spending and set aside money for bills and rent each month, like many personal finance management (PFM) apps do. Barclays would be wise to roll out more PFM features in the future if it wants to truly make a difference in the financial lives of millennials.

The research shows that ‘fear of finding out’ hits hardest each month just after direct debits have been taken out, with 23% of young Brits saying this is the date they dread checking their balance the most.

Over a quarter of the sample admitted feeling panicked by how easily they lost track of their spending through the month and nearly half admitted they had lost sleep over the state of their finances.

The new Barclays programme is aimed at helping the younger generation to boost their financial health through informal video and in-branch chats with trained financial advisors.

Josie Clapham, managing director of community banking at Barclays says: “We know that money isn’t always an easy subject to talk about, but it’s an important one and no one should lose sleep because they don’t know where to turn with questions around budgeting, or their money in general.

“Our new pilot programme aims to give millennials easy access to the answers they need to help them manage their money and plan with confidence for their future goals.”


Fuente: Business Insider

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