Ant Financial Launches New Technology Brand

26 de Septiembre, 2018

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Chinese payment giant Ant Financial has launched a new brand, dubbed Ant Financial Technology. The brand will offer products under five umbrellas: large-scale financial transaction technologies, financial security technologies, financial intelligence technologies, next-generation interaction technologies, and blockchain applications. Earlier this year, Ant Financial announced its intention to roll out its full suite of AI capabilities for asset management firms in China to help facilitate their digital transformation. Since its launch, the AI service has helped 27 asset managers in China achieve 70% more efficiency, allowing them to trim costs and grow their customer bases. Given this demonstrated ability to streamline operations with its technology products, Ant’s latest offering, which is part of its effort to generate 65% of its revenue within the next year from technology services, is likely to be successful. Separately, we are likely to see more FIs seek out fintechs to implement cutting-edge tech solutions to improve their business offerings, while bypassing the development costs.

Fuente: Business Insider

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