Alexa Skills Can Lean On Each Other

11 de Octubre, 2018

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This means developers of one skill can seamlessly incorporate the functionality of another skill into their own.

The tool is currently in the developer preview, and Amazon has provided five types of connections — printing from an HP skill, food reservations from an OpenTable skill, and taxi hailing from Uber, as well as forthcoming printing services from Canon and Epson. Allrecipes is already taking advantage of the feature for its skill, enabling Alexa to automatically route users to the HP skill to print recipes.

It’s very likely more developers will embrace the new Skill Connections feature. For developers requesting actions from another skill for within their skill, the feature offers a new way to enhance the skill experience and its usefulness. It also offers an additional avenue for companies that partner with Amazon, like HP and Uber, to reach consumers with their services.

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