SNAPCHAT’S ADIDAS E-COMMERCE PLAY SELLS OUT: Snapchat recently partnered with Adidas and fulfillment company Darkstore for a prerelease of Adidas’ new style of Falcon W shoe, and all of the inventory allotted to the launch sold out in 6 hours, Adweek reports. Contrary to the way Snapchat ran its previous e-commerce collaboration with Nike, which used augmented reality (AR) and a QR code, the Adidas shoe was featured on a Snapchat show entitled “Fashion 5 Ways.” Users who watched the show could swipe up to buy the shoes, and Darkstore will deliver them to customers by September 6.

The success of this product release shows how Snapchat can help generate buzz and target specific demographics. Working with Snapchat created a significant amount of exposure for Adidas, with a spokesperson for Snapchat saying that “millions” of people watched the episode that debuted the new shoes. Adidas also wanted to target a younger and predominantly female audience, and using both Snapchat and this particular Snapchat fashion show led it to be thoroughly successful — 70% of episode viewers were women aged 13-24. The way that this campaign led to a high degree of exposure among the exact demographic that Adidas was targeting may lead other retailers to work with Snapchat to get the ball rolling on sales of new products in the future.


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